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The idea of translating this application was born since 2009, when a good friend of mine PA Leon Balza saw a program that we had on development at my office for payroll purposes, he then suggested to translate the same program and make it available on the internet and I thought, why not. I felt it was the right thing to do, share this program and at a very affordable price.

I figure, there has to be a lot of small business struggling with administration issues just like mine. I wish when I started my business back in 2001, someone would have applications like this one and at an accessible price, it is incredible how big corporation are profiting on payroll needs and small business like mine have to pay the price because we have no choice . . . Well, NO MORE ! ! !

I'm sharing this application with all of you and I can only hope is useful to your payroll needs.

Tribute . . .

To Alexandra P; my girlfriend that supported me and for the endless amount of encouragement she give me when I was about to give up in completing this project . . . Thank you.

To Leticia Z; my sister that stud by me with her believes and disbelieves but supported me 100% when I needed the most and for never giving up on me . . . Thank you.

And to all of those that still stand by me and believed this is the right thing to do . . . Thank you.

My name is Oscar Zetina President/Owner of Z-Software Solutions, Inc. and proud developer of this application.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, we'll be happy to improve our quality of this application.

Message posted on May 1st of 2013 . . . .

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