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We are now hiring sales personnel. . . Help us become the number one in Florida and eventually take over the payroll market in the US! ! !

We’re looking for bright, talented and passionate individuals to join us on our quest for nationwide expansion and industry dominance. We have life-changing career opportunities in sales! ! !

We are now putting this fantastic software in the hands of all business owners for a minimum cost of $15.00 per each of the first two employees and $2.00 per each one after, unlimited users at no extra cost, time clock management for all employees and more ! ! ! To contact one of our sales associates ! ! !

Take the next step and join us. . . Apply today ! ! !

Message posted on July 4th of 2014 . . . .

We are now in the process of finishing our web-app to fully paperless, we are going green ! ! !

America is shifting to a "Green Culture" where over 300 million citizens are embracing the fact that environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility ! ! !

In an effort to preserve our environment, here at Z-Payroll Services we have decided to go green (paperless). Our company is working on a prototype that is going to allow us to fully perform all of our payroll needs in our office and to our customers as well.

Join us in our quest, Go Green ! ! ! ! !

Message posted on Feb 14st of 2014 . . . .

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